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The Female Intelligence Packet (FIP)

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  • A bulletproof formula for understanding your lady
  • Mitigate Relationship conflict
  • Deeper Intimacy
  • More sex
  • The Respect and Appreciation you deserve
  • Peace of Mind and happiness in your marriage
  • Getting your best friend back
  • Strategic view and plan for your relationship
  • Tactical Action items for daily relationship health
  • Finally learn how to communicate with your wife so that she will listen

What People Are Saying:

“The loss of my Faith in my own ability led me into a place where the choice was destruction or redemption. My wife although having doubts, allowed me and supported me in finding methods of redemption. Now, I have only heightened my belief in the strength within and the bond we have. The feeling of love I feel when we carry out the bonding practices we have done since, Wow buddy. I look forward to Bills next lesson and sharing it with her.”

- Kevin Murphy

“Bill has been a friend, trainer and mentor on relationship to me for a long time and when I finally found a woman I wanted to settle down with, his guidance helped me navigate the challenges I faced with understanding my future wife (yes we are married now) and my own skewed perspective on expectations and relationships. If it wasn’t for Bill, I may have never followed through with being married to my beautiful wife and the joys that have come with it! I can’t say that it is always easy but I can say that the FIP has given me the tools necessary to be successful in understanding and communicating with my wife.”

- Scott F

“Today, I stand with my marriage of 17 years on a fast track of healing because of Mr. McDonald’s direction, guidance and leadership. The FIP and Bill’s Code Gallantry have finally allowed some forward movement and improvement in what was a 15-year stint of conflict and tension in my marriage. Quite frankly, until now, I had accepted that this might be all I had to look forward to in my marriage. . .Thank you Bill for restoring hope in my marriage as well as repair.”

- Isaac R

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The Female Intelligence Packet (FIP) Only $47 (normally $97)
Due Now $47.00 USD