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Hey. I’m Bill McDonald. I’m a former Special Forces Operator, finance professional, “C” level executive, competitive athlete, and top fitness trainer. In short, some people that know me have referred to me as a BadA**! But, when it came to relationships, I struggled in a major way!

Until, that is, I took the training I received in the most elite segment of the US military and translated it into my personal life. It's what inspired me to create this tool—the "FIP" (more about this below)—modeled after the military’s TIP. The TIP is the Target Intelligence Packet. It's designed to provide the most comprehensive information you need to know to eliminate a target. It’s incredibly effective!

So when I found myself in the midst of marriage combat—in my second marriage—I figured I better improvise, adapt, and overcome to find a solution to the mess my wife and I were in!

I've been in the trenches of relationship conflict and this "FIP" helped me crawl out of those trenches and allowed me to stand victorious!

And I thought “Hey, if the TIP is good enough to save LIVES when freedom is at stake, maybe it’ll work to help me save my marriage, too.”

And thus the FIP – the Female Intelligence Packet – was born! It’s the blueprint that helped me get to really know my wife intimately — far beyond the sexual sphere — and really win her heart, her affections, her companionship, and her RESPECT!

By going through the detailed process in the FIP (which you can now have access to), I not only revived my broken marriage and kept my family together, I experienced a level of harmony, joy, and prosperity that I had never experienced before!

And I want the same for you (and if you’re not there yet, why not prevent your marriage from ever getting to that disaster point)?

And now YOU can get access to the FIP (Female Intelligence Packet), too!
Inside this online training, you’re going to get:

  • Video Modules that will walk you through EXACTLY how your relationship got into the danger zone AND what you need to do to get out of it.
  • PDF Guides and Worksheets that will help you do the detective work to truly UNDERSTAND your partner, so that you can win her all over again.
  • A COMMUNITY of other men who’ve experienced similar struggles and are now on the RIGHT side of their relationships.
  • PLUS access to my years of knowledge and experience that I gathered from years of marriage combat.
  • ALL for way less than the cost of a date night!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a seat inside my FIP (Female Intelligence Packet) Course right now!

Don’t let your relationship become a casualty. Get the FIP Course today!

Yes! I’m Ready to Revive My Relationship!

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Results From Those Who Took This Course...

The loss of my Faith in my own ability led me into a place where the choice was destruction or redemption. My wife although having doubts, allowed me and supported me in finding methods of redemption. Now, I have only heightened my belief in the strength within and the bond we have.
The feeling of love I feel when we carry out the bonding practices we have done since, Wow buddy. I look forward to Bills next lesson and sharing it with her.

~ Kevin Murphy

“Today, I stand with my marriage of 17 years on a fast track of healing because of Mr. McDonald’s direction, guidance, and leadership. The FIP and Bill’s Code of Gallantry have finally allowed some forward movement and improvement in what was a 15-year stint of conflict and tension in my marriage. Quite frankly, until now, I had accepted that this might be all I had to look forward to in my marriage. . . Thank you Bill for restoring hope in my marriage as well as repair.”

~ Isaac R.

“Bill has been a friend, trainer, and mentor on relationships to me for a long time and when I finally found a woman I wanted to settle down with, his guidance helped me navigate the challenges I faced with understanding my future wife (yes we're married now) and my own skewed perspective on expectations and relationships. If it wasn’t for Bill, I may have never followed through with being married to my beautiful wife and the joys that have come with it! I can’t say that it's always easy, but I can say that the FIP has given me the tools necessary to be successful in understanding and communicating with my wife.”

~ Scott F.

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