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  • Learn the critical nature of getting back to basics
YES, I Want to Bulletproof My Relationship!

Hey. I’m Bill McDonald. I’m a former Special Forces Operator, finance professional, “C” level executive, competitive athlete, and top fitness trainer. In short, some people that know me have referred to me as a BadA**! But, when it came to relationships, I struggled in a major way!

Until, that is, I took the training I received in the most elite segment of the US military and translated it into my personal life. It's what inspired me to create this tool—the "FIP" (more about this below)—modeled after the military’s TIP. The TIP is the Target Intelligence Packet. It's designed to provide the most comprehensive information you need to know to eliminate a target. It’s incredibly effective!

So when I found myself in the midst of marriage combat—in my second marriage—I figured I better improvise, adapt, and overcome to find a solution to the mess my wife and I were in!


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