Are you ready to stop living a mediocre life and start building an extraordinary future?

As men in today's modern culture, we've bought into the lie that we have to settle for unfulfilling jobs, poor health, and broken relationships. But this is just a story we've been sold!

You were made for excellence! You can live a life of honor, integrity and hope in all areas! You can work with purpose, live with abundant health, and love with passion when you follow the principals in the Modern Day Knight's Code of Conduct.

By using the Code as your guide, you'll be challenged to:

  • Break away from the herd mentality and hone your leadership skills
  • Honor the women in your life and build a strong romantic relationship
  • Commit to your highest purpose and follow it unwaveringly
  • Add consistent value to the lives of others
  • Demonstrate courage in your daily actions

And much more!

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The 13 Codes

Meet Bill

Bill McDonald spent more than 2 decades in the military including years as a Green Beret. He then served as Co-Director of the Afghan Secret Service and COO of a professional medical services company.

From a childhood of abuse by his stepmother, to the collapse of his first marriage, to his military and business success, to his marriage to the love of his life, to a debilitating injury in his 40's, Bill has seen the best of time and the worst of times.

Bill's passion is calling out the full potential in the men around him, and he does this through his coaching, mastermind program, motivational speaking, and live events.


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